Meet the Team


KEFEADO is a gender concern non -governmental organization (NGO) which is not for profit.
The organization was established in 1994 as a national organization that champions gender and women’s rights issues with primary focus on the girl child.
KEFEADO envisages a violence-free society where there is respect and human rights for all regardless of their gender.



The late DOLPHINE ACHIENG’OKECH was the founder of KEFEADO.

Achieng Easter Mildred

Executive Director

Easter Okech is the Executive Director and Programs Coordinator of Kenya Female Advisory Organization (KEFEADO). She holds a Bachelors of Business Administration-Accounting Option from the University of East Africa, Baraton and an ACCA Certificate.

She is also the Finance Administrator and Program Officer of Women
Action Forum For Networking (WAFNET);

Milanya .T. Jackline

Programme officer

Jackline is a health advocate, human right defender, community volunteer, facilitator, SOGIE Advocate who is well trained on matters of Sexual Reproductive Health.

She is an artist who uses her art as a tool for passing information and entertainment.

Hellen Akinyi Otieno

Programme officer

She is a peer educator based in Siaya County. She educates young adolescent girls and women and community at large on SRHR related issues.She is also a youth representative of YWCA Siaya Branch, a mentor at KEFEADO and a secretary of Siaya child Right Youth group.

Essy Olang

Communication Officer

She is a young woman of age 22, graduated in 2019 with Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy. Her interest in Gender related work is drawn back to her campus experience being in a class where men were predominantly active in all units, that being the least of how ladies were simply disproportionately affected in all circles. When it comes to sports, she says the ladies were not sporty as compared to men and therefore most opportunities were left for the men.

Her readiness to learn more in this particular field is what drove her to join team KEFEADO as an intern the same year while completed her degree level. Her growth has so far been tremendous and is  currently serving as a communication officer in the institution, she is also in charge of the collaborations and networking programme area and works hand in hand with the executive director in the institutional capacity strengthening programme.

“This has been a great learning experience and its even greater that you get to educate and empower fellow young women and support the community at large . It is one of the most fulfilling things you can never experience”.Essy

She has great advocacy skill s and is a youth advocate on SRHR.

Kaliuntu Nehema

Assistant Programme officer

She  is a young woman age 23, she has a profession in Gender studies with IT. She has worked with KEFEADO as an intern and now she is one of staff members for one year in the docket of Community linkage and disability “this has help me to gain experience in my career path, through the position, knowledge, and experience that I have gained”. She has been able to champion for the right of all in the community to achieve gender equality, gender equity and inclusion especially for people living with a disability. She has engaged with different community groups as she is an educator and a mentor.

Moreover, she has also engaged in discussion and talks with women and girls on issues of sexual and reproductive health right , leadership , governance and gender-based violence. This is to liberate them from social pressure that pose challenges to them in the named areas.

Also to alleviate Sexual Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) which has constantly been experienced by girls, women and children. She has been handling cases of the same and enlightening the community about it during legal Fridays. She has also been giving guidance and counselling to the survivors in KEFEADO paralegal unit. Due to the latter, she manage to collaborate with paralegal officers and other government administration offices such as children welfare office, police and chief to ensure the survivors get justice and also to disseminate right information to the community on dealing with  Sexual Gender-Based Violence(SGBV).