The 16 Days of Gender Activism is reaching its peak and the usual fanfare with the marches, talks and activities speak about Ending All Forms of Violence Against Women – Physical, Sexual, Psychological, Verbal and Economic are rife.

Community conversations on the same particularly with Women and Girls With Disabilities is critical- We must Leave No One Behind. However in many community spaces, women and girls with disability never get to speak about how violence affects them and how to ensure they can get help/services.

This year the conversations with women and girls with disability who have walked this journey for a long time there is need to ensure the phrase “Leave No One Behind” makes meaning to women and girls with disability often invisible in the conversations. Women and Girls with disability must be able to have spaces to speak and document their own experiences.

It is upon all gender defenders to put pressure on duty bearers to step up i.e. the Judiciary, the Health Systems, the Government Chemist, the Police Service to address this issue. How does the system of justice address deaf women when they seek services for example. How does the system address the issues of blind women and girls who seek to report and document their experiences on the OB? At the lowest village unit, we stand with Women and Girls with Disability to say – Not With Us without Us.