We are engaging with communities through a methodology of “sports for change” to speak with adolescents girls and young women (Age 10-24) in and out of school on the 16 Days of Gender Activism 2018

The engagement “sports for change” in this case football for girls creates space for voice, power, and self-determination. This methodology supports girls to understand their body agency, body autonomy, body rights, bodily integrity, freedom, and choice.  We state that sports is recognized as a powerful tool through which gender inequality the root of gender-based violence can be effectively addressed. We affirm that through sports we shall strengthen the ability of girls to challenge the core of gender-based violence (GBV) i.e. inequity, patriarchy, and rigid gender roles. We note that the application of sport in combating gender-based violence is practical as it engages the girls holistic on positive learning/discipline whilst giving those physical skills and strength to protect themselves through practical rights affirming methodologies.

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