Immaculate Oliech, Programmes coordinator Network for adolescent and youth of Africa(KEFEADO SDG5 CHAMPION)


“The perception of Kisumu residents on existence of Covid 19 is worrying, we
are likely to see high numbers of Covid 19 cases in the county once the
economy is reopened. There needs to be community sensitization forums to
create awareness on Covid 19”.
“There is a silence increase of teenage pregnancy among young girls due to
prolonged school closure during this pandemic. The county government of
Kisumu needs to adopt multisectoral approach in reaching out to young girls
with SRHR information and services and ensure food security that exposes
them to vulnerable situations”.
“Parents need to create opportunities for children to play and relax. Keep
regular routines and schedules as much as possible; especially before they
go to sleep, or help create new ones. Provide age-appropriate facts about
what has happened, explain what is going on and give them clear examples
on what they can do to help protect themselves and others from infection of
Covid 19”.

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