Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women with Disabilities in Workspaces.

Women with disabilities’ unequal participation and involvement in labor markets, decision making positions and generally in workspaces hinders their effective engagement in contributing to development processes hence their needs are never addressed. Eunice Atieno, a trader and a disability rights champion over the years has been at the frontline in encouraging women with disabilities to disrupt spaces and ensure their voices are heard and they are treated with utmost dignity they deserve. Her engagement with KEFEADO as a gender champion has ensured she is able to present disability labor rights and inclusion in high level forums which sets disability issues as a human rights issue. Her call to action has always been that collective voices will forever be heard and continues to encourage women with disabilities to speak up. Eunice’s participation in the most recent high level convening-Africities 9 Summit side event held by the Kisumu lakefront development cooperative has created conversations around inclusion and effective engagement of women with disabilities in development processes.

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