Bringing the change from within

  1. Rosemary Wamjiku

“Bringing the change from within…”

As rights holders there is only much one can do from the fringes where our voices at times are not heard or heard but not taken into account. Women with disabilities continue face a lot of challenges which largely remain unattended to by duty bearers. The poverty rate to women with disabilities is at an alarming situation and has left many of them begging for their survival. Women with disabilities have a higher risk of being victims/survivors of gender based violence hence discrimination in accessing reproductive health services due to the negative community perception that PWDs are asexual. The barriers which inhibit a healthy and desirable lifestyle for women with disabilities remain a thorn in the flesh even in most recent times. Rosemary Olang, has forever been a stalwart champion of disability rights inclusion and has been a light of hope for fellow women with disability. The force she fronts when it comes to putting across disability issues in different spaces has seen her find favor in the eyes of her colleagues who trust her to continue fighting and creating spaces for them. The engagement under chambua project has seen her transform and take lead of certain matters. For instance, in terms of budget advocacy, Rosemary presented a petition on allocation of funds for women with disabilities in sports which was accepted, reviewed and addressed in the next financial year and this is because sports for the longest time continues to be a tool for social inclusion and creates space for women with disabilities to speak about their issues. Sitting volleyball which rosemary plays has seen her find exposure in different social/professional spaces and put food on the table as it does for her mates as well.

Rosemary through the women gaining ground project was supported during the nominations period after expressing her interest in vying for a political seat. She says, her biggest drive is for her to continue pushing for budgetary allocation for women with disabilities who are rarely considered. As a member of county assembly she believes she will represent rights holders and influence policies which address their issues effectively. Rosemary continues to do what she has always done but this time she will do it at the table where decisions are made.

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