KEFEADO (Kenya Female Advisory Organization) is a women’s rights and gender equality NGO based in Kisumu, Kenya. The organization was founded in 1994 by the Late Dolphine Okech (June 15, 1945-December 15, 2010) and her daughter Dr. Jane Okech, both of whom were educationalists with a strong commitment to gender equality. Geographically, KEFEADO’s work currently focuses on the Western Kenya region covering areas in Western Province, Nyanza and parts of the Rift Valley provinces.  KEFEADO’s programs and projects are designed to influence change of community members’ attitudes and behavior around issues of gender equality and equity, gender-based violence, sexuality and human rights abuses in the name of culture. The main purpose of this process is to contribute in influencing behavior and attitude change in the community.


 KEFEADO therefore uses transformational community-based methodologies in addressing gender inequalities, disparities, power relations and other social factors which perpetuate women’s rights violations under the justification of culture.


KEFEADO works in collaboration with the Women Action Forum for Networking, Kenya Alliance for the Advancement of Children's Rights, Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) Prevention Network (a regional network with her secretariat in Kampala, Uganda), Gender Thematic Groups and National Stakeholders Network for Human Rights Educators. 

The networking enhances the quality of social change interventions and facilitates exchange of methodologies. Because of her track record, KEFEADO has emerged as a lead NGO in the region and in these networks.

KEFEADO’s approach emphasizes analysis of cultural and traditional practices as an anchor to developing relevant interventions. The key strategy is to target the community as a whole by engaging both girls/women and boys/men through linkages with schools and communities, organising community level dialogues on harmful cultural and traditional practices and enhancing community awareness of human rights.

KEFEADO has carried out interventions in western Kenya region working in partnership with learning institutions, community based organizations (CBOs) and government agencies while networking locally, regionally and internationally. It has worked extensively with rural communities on FGM and in exploring alternative rites of passage/ transition to adulthood for girls. Community theatre groups have been formed to advocate for abolition of FGM and other forms of violence against women (VAW), and promote girls’ education. School clubs have also been set up as platforms to share information and debate human rights issues. In summary, KEFEADO:

In summary, KEFEADO:

Is a non-partisan, focused and strategic NGO addressing issues of human rights and gender in specific communities for improved development;

Is an inclusive and comprehensive capacity building organization that works to change the negative attitude of community members by addressing issues which affect them, through advocacy and empowerment;

Strives to ensure that gender issues are addressed effectively and included in development planning and policy making from the very lowest levels;

Asserts that women and girls deserve equal treatment and equal rights to boys and men in all spheres of life;

Is committed to creating women’s rights awareness and promotion of gender equality through training, counseling and advisory services to all;

Is particularly concerned about education as a basic right for all, and especially for the girl child;

Prioritizes human and political rights education as an area whose sound development will stimulate women’s political understanding and participation in good governance at all levels; and

Encourages girls and women to challenge discriminatory and retrogressive beliefs and practices inimical to their development.